Showcase NY

Shoe and clothing store in Rochester, NY

Welcome to Showcase NY, the epitome of sophistication in high-end men's fashion and exclusive sneakers in Rochester, NY. Operating as a buy-sell-trade shoe store in Rochester, NY, we pride ourselves on curating an unparalleled collection featuring coveted brands, including Air Jordan, Yeezy, Nike Dunks, and more. 

Complementing our extensive sneaker catalog, we dominate the local market for men's clothing in Rochester, NY, offering esteemed brands such as Fear of God Essentials, Gallery Dept., Chrome Hearts, Sp5der, and Hellstar. At Showcase, we assure an authenticity guarantee on all products, providing you with the utmost confidence in your purchases. 

Visit our brick-and-mortar location at Greece Ridge Mall (entrance 6), where our meticulously curated products await you. Alternatively, conveniently explore our online website with the option to have items shipped to you or picked up in-store. Meet us at Showcase NY – where every purchase is an investment in unparalleled quality and distinctive fashion.

About Us

In 2023, Showcase was founded in Greece, NY, by Christopher Austin and David DeBellis. After navigating the sneaker scene and building their clientele for years, David and Chris started working together. They supplied their expansive clientele with weekly releases and wholesale purchases, satisfying each other's client base, working closely with other sneaker stores in the surrounding areas, and consulting with other boutique owners, Chris and David had a well-rounded understanding of the logistics of operating a successful sneaker store. With the help of friends and family, they started executing a plan to launch by the holiday season of 2023 and building out their storefront. They opened their shoe store in Greece, NY on October 7th; the rest was history!

Showcase is proud to supply the city with exclusive brands and styles missing in the local market. With an array of suppliers from various social media channels, connections at events, and traveling out of town to visit storefronts, Showcase proudly carries over 20 brands only available in major metropolitan areas.

Operating a sneaker store had always been a dream for them both. As industry consumers and avid collectors, they used their passion for the industry to do what every sneakerhead dreams of opening their storefront! Showcase takes great pride in giving the people of Rochester the most sought-after products at affordable prices. Showcase is eager to grow and expand its business further for years to come. We thank everyone who comes across us in the journey of operating our business, shares our products, and looks forward to serving Rochester for years to come!